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Option #1

Full-Service Planner

Best for couples who need the hands-on professional help from a wedding planner from start to finish. The full-service package does it all.  We will recommend and work with all wedding vendors; which may include ceremony and venue locations, caterers, photographer, videographers, florist, DJ, band and decorators. Negotiate wedding vendor contracts, manage the guest list and RSVPs, create a workable wedding budget, help create the theme and style of the wedding, provide ongoing telephone and email support (sometimes daily in the beginning) and be there on the wedding day to make sure it all happens as envisioned. Phew! Full-service wedding planning is a huge undertaking and no small feat.  We will work very closely with full-service clients; daily telephone calls, frequent vendor visits, etc. 

Option #2

Day-Of Planner

Best for couples who can oversee details themselves but want someone around on the "big day" to make sure things run smoothly. The role of a ‘Day-Of’ wedding planner means getting involved up to a month before your wedding. Ideally, all of the wedding arrangements will have been taken care of months before by the couple. As the professional wedding planner, we touch base with wedding suppliers that you have already contracted with to ensure that all of the details are in order. With the Day-Of wedding planner service, one of our main responsibilities is to coordinate and manage the wedding-day schedule so that all involved; wedding professionals and wedding party alike are in the right place at the right time. Although we are hired for one day’s work, in actuality, we are working on your wedding anywhere from 30-50 hours before the wedding day arrives; getting prepared. We plan on meeting with you at least once, if not twice, prior to the wedding to go over details. Keep in mind: This is the riskiest of the entire wedding planning services offered (as far as our reputation is concerned, anyway).  In essence, we're banking that the couple has made all of the appropriate decisions up until now. 

Option #3

Hourly Planner

Best for couples who only have one or two issues to address, like finding the right band or venue. As an hourly wedding planner, we meet with you for however long you need; to assist with any aspects of your wedding, search for venues, research and suggest wedding suppliers, create a budget…the list is endless. We may or may not be at the actual wedding, as that depends on your needs.  More than likely though, our main responsibility will be to teach you the skills needed to plan your own special day. You can have the option of booking only one meeting with us or to come back as many times as you’d like. 

MinneapolisEventPlanner has 3 wedding packages to choose from: